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Welcome to Ahh Yoga. We hope you will find our thriving studio an oasis from the hustle and bustle of every day life. We want to be the place that feels warm and friendly and where you feel accepted just as you are. We believe everyone and every-body is able to practice yoga and we hope you will allow us the opportunity to be your studio.


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Our Instructors

Ahh Yoga is owned by Betsy Link and is supported by a number of amazing teachers who bring a variety of strengths and talents to the way they teach and approach the practice. Interested in joining our yoga family? Visit our Instructor Training page for information about teacher training and certification.

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Betsy Link

Betsy Link (RYT500), the owner of Ahh Yoga and a native of Springfield, Illinois, has been working in the exercise industry since June of 2002. She acquired an interest in yoga and decided to complete yoga teacher training. In 2006, she earned her 200 hour Hatha yoga teacher training and started teaching private and semi-private yoga classes.

In 2010, Betsy was introduced to Yoga Sculpt while visiting her sisters in Chicago and her interest in yoga was reignited. She quickly realized it was the perfect fit for her and In 2011, she completed her Yoga Sculpt teacher training and Vinyasa Flow training at Corepower Yoga. Through her practice and study, she has discovered yoga's ability to transform her perspective on life, create friendships and open the door to many opportunities. In 2016, she acquired Ahh Yoga and continues to enjoy teaching her classes while managing the studio. She resides in Springfield with her husband, Brad, and three children, Karigan, Gracie, and Logan.

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Mandy Armstrong

​​Mandy Armstrong, RYT-200, grew up in a small town not too far from Springfield. She is a licensed clinical professional counselor, with a masters in clinical psychology.

Mandy discovered a love for yoga not long after moving to Springfield, following her graduation from graduate school. Running for Illinois College during her undergraduate years and participating in sports throughout school, Mandy was dedicated to her physical health. This, combined with her passion for promoting mental wellness, made yoga a perfect opportunity.

She started with a visit to a hot class with her sister. Mandy then discovered the challenge of yoga sculpt and found herself entering a 30-day challenge which brought her an appreciation and love to all things Yoga. She wanted to increase her knowledge and completed yoga teacher training in January 2018 through Ahh Yoga.

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Dianne Britton

​Dianne has always been active and for years was a gym rat and aerobics enthusiast, but some difficult life circumstances motivated her to further explore yoga beyond practicing to the occasional CD. At her first beginner class yoga 11 years ago she was hooked at Savasana, knowing that she had found what her body and mind needed to help her deal with the new stressors in her life.

After practicing for awhile and trying several different styles of yoga, she felt the desire to teach. Thanks to some coaxing from a teacher and mentor, Dianne finally took the plunge and earned her RYT-200 in January 2018.

Dianne’s personal practice includes Aerial and SUP as well as more traditional styles and her teaching is focused on gentle, introspective sequences. She is very grateful for having found yoga, calling it her “sanity” and hopes that by encouraging her students to focus on the present moment, they will find the same joy and peace that yoga brings to her.

Dianne lives in Petersburg with her husband Dave. When they’re not working on some home improvement project, they enjoy spending time with their large family (six grandchildren!) and exploring new places on their Harley.

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Hannah Collier

Hannah Collier (RN BSN RYT 200) is a registered nurse and yoga teacher with a passion for health, wellness, and helping others on their yogic path. She found yoga and meditation while searching for a stress reliever during nursing school. After graduating from St. John’s College of Nursing in 2018 and jumping right into bedside nursing, Hannah realized the unbelievable effect her yoga practice had on her. She noticed a unique sense of calm & positivity within herself that could only be attributed to her personal yoga practice. After this realization, she was called to teach and share yoga with her community. In December 2019, she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Ahh Yoga.

When she isn’t on the mat, you can find Hannah working as a nurse at St. John’s Children’s Hospital in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), at the lake, or spending time with her family and two dogs.

Hannah believes that yoga goes far beyond a physical practice and is a lifestyle that includes the study and implementation of the Eight Limbs of Yoga. She specializes in vinyasa flow and is certified to teach prenatal, postnatal, and mom & baby yoga.


Megan Cox

​Megan Cox (RYT 200), a native of Springfield, Illinois, has been practicing yoga since 2005. Her love for yoga began when she was a freshman at Benedictine University in Springfield. Between a full course load and the demands of college soccer, practicing yoga was where Megan found balance in her life. Megan enjoyed the emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits of yoga so much so that she wanted to share her passion with others and grow her self-knowledge in the practice of yoga.

In December of 2016, Megan received her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training from Ahh Yoga. She is now a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. Megan has practiced many different types of yoga, including Sivananda, Ashtanga, Prenatal, and Hatha yoga. Megan has always had a love for helping others find success in their lives.

​Currently, she is an Elementary Special Education Teacher and a coach for Girls on the Run. When she is not on her mat, you can find Megan enjoying time with her husband, Jeff; son, Rhett; her cats, Rider and Pretty Girl; and, dogs, Port and Fred.

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Danna Courson

Yoga became a part of Danna's life over 5 years ago, and her practice helped her grow stronger, more flexible, and mindful, both on and off the mat. Seeking more awareness and knowledge she completed RYS 200 Hour Training with Ahh Yoga in December 2016.

Danna loves learning! She will always be a student of the practice and a student of seeking understanding and knowledge. Yoga inspired her to continue to grow emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

In Danna's classes, she loves to combine creative sequencing, a dose of Yin, and flexibility to help yogis both new and experienced to deepen their practice. She loves yoga for the challenges and fun that it adds to her life. Her goal is to help others discover a passion for yoga and a feeling of refreshment when they get off their mat!

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Aasne Daniels

Aasne Daniels was never a particularly athletic kid. She tried gymnastics for a year, softball for a summer, basketball for a morning… decided she didn't like to sweat. Then, in her late twenties and living in Chicago, she came to the realization that it would do her good to get in shape. The question was, how to do that without sweating? She looked around and noticed that the people who practiced yoga on TV seemed to be in very good shape, apparently without sweating. She decided to try it out. She began her yoga practice in 2001 and at first kept it pretty gentle: light stretches, easy breathing, really lovely stuff, but no yoga body happening yet. The first time she walked out of an Ashtanga class, she was exhausted, soaked --with sweat!-- from the inside out, and felt like she had just been hit by a truck. But she was hooked.

In 2006 Aasne started teaching Ashtanga. She has completed teacher trainings with Tim Miller, David Swenson, and Lino Miele; and has also studied with Kino MacGregor of the Miami Life Center and Jodi Blumstein. Aasne completed her 200 hour yoga alliance training with Suddha Wiexler in Chicago. In addition to making her body strong, flexible, and fit, Aasne loves how yoga helps her cultivate awareness and gratitude, and gives her the tools to deal with life’s everyday craziness. And she has learned, by the way, sometimes it's good to sweat.

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Sarah DaRosa​

Sarah DaRosa, a Springfield native, became interested in yoga during her college days. Her true yoga journey began six years ago when she was the only student in a yoga sculpt class. From there she developed a love for sculpt and vinyasa flow classes.

As her practice grew, she enjoyed not only the strength and flexibility she gained from yoga, but the spiritual effects as well. It is her belief that yoga is a workout for the mind, body and spirit. She decided she wanted to use her professional background as an Early Childhood educator to combine two of her favorite interests: yoga and children!

​So, In July 2017, Sarah completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training program with Ahh Yoga. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance. In 2018, Sarah went onto to complete her Kids Yoga Training through Rainbow Yoga.

​Sarah spreads the beautiful benefits of yoga to children through music, movement, breath work and extension activities. She promotes creativity, self expression and kindness in her young, growing yogis.

​When she isn’t on her mat, you can find Sarah enjoying this beautiful life with her son, Griffin.

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Monie Doherty


Ocie Duncan

“The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away.” -William Shakespeare

Ocie Duncan, Yoga Sculpt certified, is a Springfield native who now lives a country life in New Berlin. After Ocie finished playing college volleyball in 2010 she began using a yoga workout video - The video quickly became an everyday routine. Yoga enlightened Ocie to the calm that takes place when your emotional, physical and mental states vibe together.

Ocie has had an active background in teaching and coaching volleyball since playing. The opportunity for Yoga Sculpt training came about for the first time at Ahh Yoga and it seemed fortuitous. For Ocie, Yoga Sculpt is a dynamic and powerful form of Yoga that brings about an invigorating aura. In Ocie’s classes you will find yourself connecting mind and body while pushing your own boundaries (don’t forget the dope music too).

Ocie truly believes that there is a teacher in everyone. Ocie enjoys family time all of the time, so when she is not on her mat you can catch her hanging out with her husband and two girls, Isla and Olive.

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Maureen Faller

Maureen has been practicing yoga for 10 years. She grew up in Boulder, Colorado before moving back to Springfield, Illinois in high school. She graduated from Indiana University with a BA in Political Science in 2009 and Southern Illinois University School of Law in 2012. She received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training from Yoga Alliance at Ahh Yoga in December of 2016.

Maureen started practicing yoga in college with a vinyasa class at the recreation center. The physical practice of yoga became something she and her mom found a common interest in. They began finding different studios, different styles and festivals to attend, this continued to grow her interest in yoga. Maureen has always been drawn to the more physical practices such as vinyasa flow, power flow and Ashtanga. However, over time, she has found a passion and the importance for yin yoga and slowing her physical practice down to welcome more stillness and meditation. When you come to her classes expect to have fun, to be challenged and to find balance within your mind and body.

Maureen also enjoys spending time with her husband and their two giant schnoodles, Crash and Barley, going to Crossfit, and reading. She is always learning and expanding her horizons with health, yoga and life!

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Kathy Getz

Kathy has always been very active and had a passion for health, fitness and helping others. She was very involved in cheerleading, gymnastics & track during her school years; sponsored a high school cheerleading squad for 10 years and also taught step aerobics. Yoga entered her life a few years ago when she just needed to slow down from all the craziness and stress in her busy life. She loves what yoga does, both physically and spiritually, for the mind and body to help find balance in one's life. Her new passion & love for yoga and the desire to continue learning and sharing it with others led her to take and complete the summer Teacher Training at Ahh Yoga (2019). Kathy believes that EVERYONE needs yoga in their life to help balance out the positives and the negatives. "We all have something. It's just different."

Currently, she is a Registered Nurse at Tri-City CUSD. #1 in Buffalo, where she has been the District School Nurse since 2008, is a Girls On The Run coach and teaches CPR. She also has many years of nursing experience in Labor & Delivery, Mother/Baby and Pediatrics.

She lives in rural Rochester with her husband, Kelly. When she's not on her mat, you can find her and Kelly visiting their son, Kelby, who is a Lineman in Georgia; spending time with family & friends or traveling to Lake of The Ozarks, Florida and Tennessee.

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Sarah Ginder

Sarah Ginder (RYT 200) found yoga in 2014 simply because she wanted to try something new and found Ahh after asking some locals. After running several 1/2 marathons and playing indoor and outdoor soccer for years, her joints were in need of a form of exercise that offered up opportunities to grow stronger in a more gentle fashion. Her yoga journey started in learning the basics and then Ashtanga but, she soon fell in love with vinyasa flows, yin, and yoga sculpt classes. Busy having and raising young wasn't until the fall of 2018 that she became dedicated to her practice again. Yoga soon became a part of her daily life on and off the mat.

​In 2019 it became clear that being a teacher was a goal she wanted to achieve, but not as much for herself but to give back to others all that yoga has brought to her life through the practice — balance, kindness, community, strength, faith, and peace.

​When she is not on her mat, she works in graphic design and communications. The bulk of her time is spent hanging out with her husband, Luke, and their three adventurous children: Addie, Odin, and Judah. At one time or another, they have all practiced yoga together and she loves that they love it too! They travel, go on adventures, and explore is everything to Sarah. In fact, a big part of becoming a teacher was to live by example and remind them to keep dreaming and work hard to achieve them. ​

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Brianna Klein


Natalie Klein

Natalie Klein, Yoga Sculpt Certified, is a New Berlin native that loves the personal advancement offered in yoga. One of her favorite phrases used during yoga is “Listen to your body.” For Natalie, yoga is not about competing with other people. Yoga is about you and what is best for your body. Natalie began taking yoga classes in 2018. She signed up for the January Challenge and has not stopped taking classes since. Natalie enjoys the mental calming aspect of yoga in addition to the great workout.

Natalie decided to take the Yoga Sculpt training in May of 2018. She will be teaching yoga sculpt classes this upcoming fall. When Natalie is off her mat she plays the role of a student. Natalie is pursuing her master’s in Public Health and Public Administration. She works as a Graduate Public Service Intern at the Illinois Department of Revenue.


Olivia Klein

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Emily Kraus Gillis

Emily Kraus (RYT 200) is a Springfield, IL native with a passion for positivity and people. She was first drawn to yoga in 2012 in order to find peace and feel centered in her chaotic lifestyle. She eventually came to love yoga even more for its healing powers and it’s focus on personal growth. After going through some life turbulence and using yoga as an outlet, she felt the need to share her passion with others and recently completed the Teacher Training here at Ahh Yoga (2017).

​Emily has the belief that – Yoga IS for EVERYONE –. In her classes, you’ll find encouragement for growth, modifications, breath work, humor, and a positive environment for yoga play!

When she’s not on her mat, you can find Emily traveling, exploring the great outdoors, trying new things, snuggling with her three fur children (maybe in a hammock), or completely submerged in her photography business.

Ruta kulys

Ruta Kulys

​Ruta Kulys is a licensed psychotherapist who started teaching asana and meditation in a clinical setting in 2003 to help people who were struggling with physical and emotional pain. She completed Level 2 training in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and is certified at the 200 hour level to teach both Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. She completed additional training in Prenatal Yoga and is a certified Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra instructor.

Ruta has a deep appreciation of the benefits of yoga that go beyond the physical. She believes that the practice of yoga helps us all be a little calmer, clearer and kinder.

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Kari Lutchka


Amy Madigan

Amy Madigan (RYT 200) has been practicing yoga since 2000. She was so changed by the experience, she immediately began learning to teach through YogaFit and started teaching in 2001.

She’s taught a variety of classes but she focuses now primarily on gentle Hatha sequences, followed by time for meditation, visualization or deeper introspection through yoga nidra.

Amy believes that the humble yoga mat offers a powerful place for sanctuary and self-care in a busy world. She is grateful for yoga in her life and grateful to be able share its benefits.

Amy approaches yoga like she does life; with mindful intention and humor and hopefully some grace, but mostly humor.

​When she’s not on her mat, Amy is keeping up with her son, Declan. Or you might find her saving Illinois' natural resources via her ‘day job.'

Besides yoga, Amy gets great joy from doing just about anything ‘outdoorsy;’ petting one of the animals she shares her home with; singing, and laughing until her sides hurt.

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Katy Miller

Katy is SCW certified barré, kickboxing, and group exercise instructor.
She's been married to Rob Miller for 17 years and homeschools our wonderful daughters, Hope and Faith.
She has been teaching fitness classes at all levels for 24 years and currently teaches barre and kickboxing at Ahh Yoga.

Katy believes working out is supposed to make you happy, fit, positive, and joyful!


Ashley Mosely

​​Ashley Mosely, RYT-200, grew up a few hours from Springfield, but she has called Springfield home since 2012. Ashley has participated in yoga for kids training through Rainbow Yoga. She works as a Special Education teacher in area schools for about 10 years. She also has a Master's in Clinical Counseling.

Ashley took a hot yoga class with friends and found it challenging and fun! Almost a year later, she found her passion for yoga when she went through a Beginners Yoga series through Ahh Yoga, and she found the courage to try Yoga Sculpt. Instant love! During her graduate studies, Ashley worked hard to improve her physical health while learning to take better care of her mental health as well. Yoga has become her favorite way to maintain and challenge her personal wellness. When teaching classes, it’s hard to hide the inner elementary teacher. During her flows, you can generally expect a fun playlist, a weekly theme, and, hopefully, a few smiles!

Yoga has been an important constant in her adult life. Taking advantage of a 30-day yoga challenge deal, Ashley expanded her practice to include vinyasa flow, heated vinyasa flow, and hot yoga classes. Then, she did the 90-day summer challenge. Finally, she completed the intensive summer training program through Ahh Yoga in 2019 to expand her practice and push herself one step closer to the ultimate fantasy, of becoming an old lady on the beach doing yoga!

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Angie Poage

Angie Poage was first introduced to yoga from a personal trainer in 2009 as a form of exercise for strengthening and flexibility. After taking and teaching a variety of classes, she decided to become she become a certified personal trainer at Gold's Gym Springfield.

Angie was a long distance runner and had completed multiple marathons up until she was diagnosed with a heart condition. Ever since then yoga and meditation have become an important part of her life. In January 2018 she completed her 200 hour hatha yoga teacher training at Ahh Yoga.

When not teaching yoga, you can find Angie with her loving and supportive military husband and two awesome kids!

Jessica petro

Jessica Petro

Jessica received her 200 hours in Power Vinyasa Flow at a Beyond Hot Yoga in Laguna, Niguel, California. She has taught at multiple fitness centers throughout Orange County, California. She also received a 15 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training at Spectra Yoga in Costa Mesa. She been teaching yoga for about 3 years and absolutely loves sharing this powerful practice with others!

Yoga creates space and freedom for the mind and body. Through her practice Jessica has gained the ability to accept the present moment, to love more deeply, and to elevate the mind to a higher consciousness.

She has also come to find, yoga is not just a physical practice. Rather, it is an internal practice of releasing all that cannot serve us. A big misconception about yoga is that you have to already be naturally flexible to practice; reality could not be a further truth. Anyone and everyone can practice yoga, as long as they establish breath awareness. Doing so allows us to create unity with the mind, body, and breathe—with breath being the key derivative to yoga.

Let breath be your guide to create a sacred healing space; a space that's free of judgment and fear. She invites you to join her in this practice, where together, we can simply breathe!

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Gabie Richardson

Gabie Richardson is a Springfield, IL native. She found yoga in 2013 after completing her bachelors degree of science from Illinois State University. In the fall of 2016 she decided to begin her journey to become a certified yoga teacher. She completed her RYT 200 certification at Ahh Yoga in December 2016. In the spring of 2017 she began pursuing her interest in SUP yoga. She completed her training in June and immediately began teaching SUP yoga for Ahh. In the winter of 2018 she became obsessed with Aerial yoga and completed her training in May of the same year.

In Gabie’s classes, you will feel at ease to be yourself through challenging poses, creative sequencing, breath work, and fun music.

In her spare time, she loves spending time with family, friends, and her dog Atticus.

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Alicia Route

Alicia began her yoga journey in 2014 at Ahh Yoga’s former location. In 2019, she became a certified yoga instructor at Hatha Yoga and Fitness in Champaign, IL. Since then, she has taught classes in major cities, such as STL, MO, and Austin, TX. Her classes are intentional yet playful while emphasizing body awareness and self-compassion. She strives to help students tap into the joyfulness of life through yoga.

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Steve Schuckmann

Steve Schuckmann, RYT 200, started his yoga journey in search of help dealing with chronic pain and balance in a hectic world. While serving in the Marines, he suffered spinal and traumatic brain injuries. Some injuries may never fully heal, but Steve strives to be an example of how everyone can live a full professional and personal life despite physical limitations.

Steve grew up in Saint Louis, Missouri. He graduated from Mizzou with a BA in Economics, a graduate certificate in non-profit management, and an MBA. He also earned credentials as a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM), and Certified Government Audit Professional (CGAP).
Beyond the physical benefits, Steve enjoys yoga because it helps him tolerate stress, regulate emotions, and be more effective in life. Ahh Yoga is his happy place because it is a safe and supportive environment for individuals to cultivate their practice. He is happy to be part of a community of individuals with shared interests who connect, collaborate, and thrive together, ultimately contributing to the collective growth and well-being of everyone involved.


Ami Shelton

In addition to her 14 years of self-study and practice, Ami is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance (RYT) and a graduate of Yoganatomy - anatomy training for yoga instructors. She holds a certificate of completion from Yale University in The Science of Well Being in addition to a certification from Rice University on the Foundations of Mindfulness. Ami enjoys working with people of all ages, shapes and sizes, helping them to develop their own personal path of growth. Her goal is to bring the practice to where the student is and tailor the learning for each individual person. Now with her children grown up - when not working or practicing yoga & meditation - Ami enjoys experiencing live music and the great outdoors with her partner, Mike, and their three dogs.

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Madeline Seifert

Ahh 284

Adrienne Synder

Ahh 367

Lauren Staab

Lauren Staab, Yoga Sculpt Certified, of Springfield took her first ever yoga class in 2008 with Kansas City Ballet School and in 2009 with Boston Ballet School as part of their Summer Intensive Training Programs. She started dancing at the age of 3 and still, to this day, loves the art of dance, ballet specifically.

Lauren took her first class at Ahh Yoga in 2017 and started to make yoga as part of her lifestyle. Yoga Sculpt sparked her interest and was her “gateway” into the yogi world. In May of 2018, Betsy Link and Elizabeth Staab held a Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training workshop at Ahh Yoga, where Lauren became certified.

Aside from yoga and school, Lauren is also an instructor at Dance Arts Studio, teaching children, ages 3-17, as well as adults. She also works at her family’s business, Staab Funeral Homes, as a service coordinator and office assistant.

Lauren considers yoga as a form of self-care and it has become a vital part of her health and well-being. “Yoga lifts my spirits. My self-esteem and confidence have bloomed. If I did not have yoga (and my fur-baby, Rosie), I would be lost! I am so lucky to have found Ahh Yoga and will continue to teach and share my passion for yoga.”

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Carrie Walbert Johnson

Carrie is a Springfield, Illinois native that found her way back home after a few years of living around the Midwest. She discovered yoga in 2013 while training for her 2nd Marathon and originally went to just stretch out all the aches of the lengthy distances. She quickly realized that yoga not only felt great physically after a long run or tough workout, but it made her feel stronger and more mentally equip to tackle the daily stressors that came her way.

Yoga quickly became the yin to all of the yang in her life. She recently completed her 200 hour Teacher Training at Ahh Yoga in December of 2016 (which was an amazing opportunity right at home that she is incredibly thankful for), and is excited to be able to bring the joy, strength, and peace to others that yoga has brought to her.

Carrie loves to teach and has fun while she is doing it. She adds a spirit of joy and playfulness throughout an energetic and strong class, and hopes her students leave feeling empowered by their own strength with a smile on their faces.

When she is not teaching yoga or working her day job, Carrie can be found outside and traveling doing anything from surfing to running to just sitting in silence under the tree in her backyard!

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Betsy and the staff always go above and beyond. During this stay at home disaster they have again done everything they can to help everyone feel better through yoga.

Jenny T.

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