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Gentle Yoga

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Gentle Yoga and Relaxation

This class is for beginners and experienced practitioners who want to step out of the busy-ness of daily life to relax and recharge their batteries. Class will consist of physical postures (asana) that stretch and open the body and practices such as breath work, visualization, and body awareness that promote relaxation. Come un-do the effects of stress on your body and mind.

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Studio 11

Heated Gentle Yoga

This is a Vinyasa class in a room gradually heated to between 88 and 90 degrees; utilizing the heat for increased circulation and range of motion. We will be connecting the mind, body and breath with short meditations and pranyama breathwork to help quiet the 'inner chatter' of the mind and open up spaces to allow the breath to expand. Moving into gentler vinyasa flow movements, a few challenge poses and balancing poses to mix static & dynamic movement and holds to build strength & increased range of motion. Then comes a short restorative session utilizing yoga props and poses to assist the muscles to relax a bit more & absorb the goodness of the flowing practice. This is an All Levels class!

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The instructors provide great instruction and music that goes well with the different movements. Doing yoga has helped me improve many aspects of my mental and physical health. Ahh yoga is a great environment to improve my yoga practice and everyone there is happy and helpful.

Anastasia (Ana) T.

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