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Led Ashtanga

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Led Ashtanga

"Ashtanga yoga is for everybody. Except lazy people." -- Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

This physically challenging sequence of poses, accompanied by deep breathing, creates purifying internal heat, realigns & calms the body. This class is suitable for adventurous people or those who have completed a beginning ashtanga class or who have been practicing Hatha yoga long enough to have a familiarity with sun salutations and basic yoga alignment.

The Ashtanga system of yoga incorporates six series, each offering progressively more challenging poses and each taking about 90 minutes to complete. Here at Ahh, we lead you through the primary series, and occasionally flirt with the second. Please bring your sense of humor and kindly leave your ego in the shoe rack.

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Knowledgeable instructors, fun classes, flexible/varied schedule.

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