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Yoga 1 & 2

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Yoga 1: Basics and Beyond

Never tried yoga? This is your class. Many years under your belt? Yep, it’s for you too. Weight, age, flexibility or injury issues? Can’t get on your knees or off your seat? It’s for you too! Seriously! This class is taught in such a way that someone who has never done yoga can sit next to a seasoned practitioner and they can both experience benefits from the practice. With attention to detail and extensive prop instruction we will offer several levels to each pose.

Sometimes we relax with a flowing gentle class, sometimes we sweat a little. It varies depending on factors including time of year, weather and even student moods. Varying forms of yoga (Hatha, Iyengar, Yin) are infused with a strong mindfulness practice and attention to the breath. Add in a little playfulness and you have yoga that every body can do.

Studio Temperature: No heat added.

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Yoga 1 & 2

This class is designed for people with some previous yoga experience. We will assume that you know and understand three-part breath, ujayii pranayama, sun salutations, basic vinyasa flow, warriors and balance poses. We will offer modifications for physical needs and offer a challenging practice for those who are ready. Come explore and deepen your practice, and most importantly, enjoy!

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The virtual classes have been amazing for my three kids - 4, 6, and 8 years old. So easy, entertaining and good for all of us - and it makes the time go fast!

Lori K.

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