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Find Your Courage!

“It’s OKAY to be scared. Being scared means you’re about to do something really, really brave.” ~Mandy Hale

Yoga 3 orig

Writing a yoga blog has never been on my radar and has always intimidated me. But, honestly, everything I have done with the studio these past 4 months has been out of my comfort zone and intimidating so, I thought...why not?!?

Those of you that attend my classes know that I always have a word/mantra of the week, something I try to come back to throughout the week when my practice or life isn’t going quite as I would like. Sometimes it helps and sometimessssss not so much;). If nothing else, it brings me back to the present moment, helps me check- in, and keeps my mind on my mat while practicing.

Today as I was thinking about what my word of the week would be, I thought… how am I feeling? What am I feeling right now? The answer came to me immediately….Scared. I feel scared and anxious ALL. THE. TIME.

There is so much uncertainty right now for everyone, and as a mother and a small business owner, I am scared. It’s just that plain and simple. I’m scared of what the next week, month, or year will bring for everyone. I am uncertain of how to explain what is going on in the world to my children; and frankly, I’m not sure if I want to explain it to them. They deserve to be kids. They deserve this time in their lives to be carefree. I should carry their worries for them.

Crow pose

So, the answer was clear this week. What I need is courage; courage to keep going, to keep trying new things, to keep showing up for the people I love, to keep showing up on my mat, and the courage to practice what I preach. I need to FIND THE COURAGE TO SHOW UP even when I don’t want to face these feelings and courage to continue to try new things (like writing a blog;)).

I invite you to do the same with me this week. Let’s carve out the time to show up for ourselves and others and acknowledge what is scaring us this week. Be sure to honor those feelings, breath through them, practice through them, and realize that we all have the necessary courage within us to overcome anything thrown our way.

Warrior 2

Bakasana (crow pose) and Virabhadrasana II (Warrior 2) are both poses that give me a sense of determination and courage as well as leave me feeling balanced. So, expect to see them in my flows this week!

See you on the Mat!

Betsy Link

Betsy Link